About Us

Our focus is on providing quality training and assessment to enhance and increase the skills and safety of workers and to provide employers with expertly trained, confident and capable men and women.

Our Registered Training Organisation, Kevesther Pty Ltd (RTO № 31415) has a team of qualified trainers and assessors who deliver expert training and assessment in many areas including Drilling, Trenchless Technology, Rail Infrastructure, Civil and General Construction, Oil and Gas, Well Servicing, Project Management and Workplace Health and Safety.

Our team comprises trainers with many years of experience from all of the above-mentioned industries.

We strive to ensure that our training and assessment is best practice. Kevesther Pty Ltd values industry contribution to the development of resources used for training and assessment. This helps us to ensure that your workers are receiving the most up to date training—ensuring the best outcome for them; and for you as an employer.

Kevesther Pty Ltd also actively participates in industry consultation with Industry Skills Centres such as Energy Skills Queensland, Skills DMC and E-Oz Energy Skills Australia.

We come to you!! Our primary aim is to skill you and your workforce by providing personalised, structured training and assessment on site.

We customise all of our courses to suit the needs of our clients, large or small, and we recognise existing skills. Why risk anyone else?

Kevesther Pty Ltd has extensive experience delivering training and assessment in various resources and infrastructure industries.

We have provided nationally recognised, accredited and client-specific non-accredited training and assessment to staff and clients for projects and organisations including:

Abi Group
ANGLO Coal 152x58
bhpbilliton 152x58
Bovis 152x58
CLOUGH 152x58
URRAGH 152x58
Downer EDI 152x58
john Holland 152x58
LINC Energy152X58
McConnell Downell 152X58
Monadelphous 152X58
Murphy Pipe and Civil 152X58
Nacap 152X58
OriginAlliance 152x58
Rio TInto 152x58
Saipem 152x58
SRWPA 152x58
pipeline 152x58
WDS 152x58