Kevesther’s aim is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence you need to assist you into entering the workforce or to undertake further studies.

We hope that the course you choose will expose you to a variety of experiences and challenges. The course will provide a mix of theory and practical training. We will also offer you an opportunity to build your confidence and motivation with a view to preparing you for a competitive market.

Upon enrolling, you have rights and responsibilities, most of which are outlined in our student handbook You are naturally welcome to ask us for further information if you have questions that are not covered.

The quality of your experience with Kevesther depends largely on your motivation and commitment. We feel that we have in place an ideal learning environment. Meet the challenge, and we will do our very best to ensure that the benefit to you exceeds your expectations.

Client Service

Kevesther has sound management practices to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of client services.

Kevesther assures:

  • the timely issue of student assessment results, Statements of Attainment and Qualifications. These will be appropriate to competence achieved
  • our quality focus includes a Recognition of Prior Learning Policy
  • the Refund Policy of Kevesther is fair and equitable
  • Quality Complaints and Appeals Policy is developed, implemented and continually reviewed
  • Access, Equity and Diversity Policy and student welfare and guidance services are consistently implemented
  • where necessary, arrangements are made for those clients requiring literacy and/or numeracy support programs
  • we take every opportunity to ensure that sufficient information is disseminated and understood prior to the enrolment of a participant to ensure all participants are aware of their rights, roles and obligations associated with completing their training
  • our trainee/student information is clear and unambiguous and that our fees and charges are known to trainees/students before enrolment, that course content and assessment procedures are explained and that vocational outcomes are outlined


All applicants for enrolment are required to satisfy Kevesther that they meet all prerequisite requirements, such as qualification and/or experience, where detailed in the relevant course document (or Training Package/Accredited Course), prior to acceptance for admission to courses.

All potential course participants are encouraged to check the competencies and/or performance outcomes of courses to ensure they understand the performance requirements prior to enrolment. Kevesther will provide assistance in clarifying the suitability of the course to learner’s skill development requirements.

The training costs and fees associated with the courses offered by Kevesther are outlined in the relevant course information literature and are provided to the applicant at the time an initial inquiry is made.

Our Administration Team will provide you with our enrolment form for you to complete or enrol at the Course Schedule page. Please ensure you clearly specify the qualification name and date. The completed enrolment form should then be forwarded to Kevesther either via email, post or fax for approval.