Audit Info

Quality Assurance

As a Registered Training Organisation, Kevesther Pty Ltd has agreed to operate within the principles of the VET Quality Framework.

Quality Improvement Focus

Kevesther Pty Ltd has a commitment to providing quality service with a focus on continuous improvement using the VET Quality Framework as our benchmark. We value feedback from trainees/students, staff, employers and all other relevant stakeholders for incorporation into future programs.

Kevesther Pty Ltd will manage and monitor its improvement focus through:

  • conducting internal audits on a minimum annual basis
  • collecting, collating and analysing feedback and satisfaction data from learners and employers and using this information to improve the quality of our products and services
  • continually and consistently validating and moderating assessment tools and the outcomes of assessment
  • participating in industry network meetings to support consistency and currency in industry trends in order to maximise quality in products and services offered by Kevesther Pty Ltd
  • maintaining improvement notices and a register of improvements to enable monitoring and implementation of all recommendations for improvement
  • maintaining open communication with regulatory bodies as required by the VET Quality Framework, audit requirements and course registration process
  • ensuring all trainers and assessors maintain currency in industry practices to maximise outcomes for trainees and industry

External Audit

  • Kevesther Pty Ltd is committed to maintaining quality in the provision of its products and services.
  • In accordance with the VET Quality Framework, Kevesther Pty Ltd participates in monitoring and audit processes required by the National VET Regulator. This includes monitoring audits, audit following complaint and audit for the purpose of their re-registration and User Choice.
  • Kevesther Pty Ltd has processes in place and will ensure that it meets all regulatory requirements associated with extending scope of registration and advising the regulatory authority of significant changes to scope, operations and organisational structure.
  • Kevesther Pty Ltd meets all of its obligations in accordance with the VET Quality Framework and works in partnership with the regulatory authority in all its dealings.
  • Please contact us for any information on our policies and procedures