Verification of Competency

Verification of Competency (VOC) is a method of assessment that assists employers to meet WHS requirements and ensure staff are still competent to operate equipment or perform a task. According to Safe Work Australia, it is now the legal responsibility of the employer to ensure that the skills of staff working on site are up-to-date and compliant.   In January 2012, a new set of Workplace Health and Safety laws were introduced, putting more responsibility onto the employer to undertake “all reasonably practicable measures to prevent the risk to health and safety occurring”. (Source: Safe Work Australia). A licence or ‘ticket’ is no longer an adequate measure of your workers’ ability to perform their tasks and operate machinery in a manner compliant with regulations. It is of great importance to the employer’s due diligence and obligation to ensure an individual has “current competency”.

Verification of Competency enforcement is subject to interpretation. Kevesther works with industry clients and developed a formal process that allows for flexibility to meet client needs whilst maintaining a high standard of assessment.

Assessing for Verification of Competency enables the Employer to confirm that their employees are competent in their skills and using equipment. It is frequently used in many industries for pre-employment checks, contractual arrangements or site requirements.

  • Employers require evidence that your skills are current. This is confirmed through the Verification of Competency process.

Verification of Competency:

Assessments can take place on the job with minimal impact to the job.

Participants must provide their relevant licence or Statement of Attainment prior to Verification of Competency being conducted. This together with related work documents and/or logbooks will provide an indication as to the level of competence they should hold.


Each assessment takes approximately 1-4 hrs and will depend on the type of plant and/or requirement of employer/site.


The Client will receive an assessment summary which is non-accredited that can be used as evidence for currency and can be kept with resume, training records, etc. Kevesther will provide a licence size card stating the VOC conducted. Verification of Competency is provided for on-the-job and documentation must be held together with your current licence.

What if the person is not deemed competent?

The Client will be advised of any additional/gap training required before any further assessment can be conducted.

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