Smart and Skilled Funding

Smart and Skilled Funding

Smart and Skilled Funding provides eligible students with an option for government subsidised training. If eligible, the NSW Government will fund a portion of your qualification price, with you only needing to pay the student fee for that award (student fees are set out by Smart and Skilled and will be the same regardless of the training provider chosen). 

Through Smart and Skilled, the NSW Government has approved Kevesther Pty Ltd to deliver targeted vocational education and training that is high quality, industry relevant, and accessible. The following is a full list of our approved Smart and Skilled funded qualifications. 



This training is subsidised by the NSW Government. 

How to enter into an Apprenticeship/Traineeship?

Once you have received a formal offer of an Apprenticeship/Traineeship from your employer, a representative from an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider will visit your workplace to prepare a training contract and lodge this with your local Training Services NSW office.

The Representative from the Apprenticeship Network Provider will also complete a Training Plan Proposal (TPP) at the same visit and its details will be checked with the training contract to ensure all information is correct. The Training Plan Proposal (TPP) is later sent to Kevesther Pty Ltd as your preferred Registered Training Organisation.

Our enrolment process requires students to complete a Course Enrolment Form and a Language, Literacy and Numeracy Task. Kevesther Pty Ltd carries out an informative induction process that notifies all parties of their rights and obligations to ensure it meets the needs of the student.